"Mrs. DeBassio is extremely patient, thorough, and truly dedicated to teaching children. I saw progress after just two   sessions and my child's confidence has sky-rocketed. Wilson is a great systematic approach that has proven results." -   K.C
 "Our daughter has been doing KinderPrep class with The Purple Cow Reads and is really enjoying it. She is getting  much better at  recognizing and writing different letters, and I have caught her more than once singing "A, Apple,  aaaahh"! Nicole DeBassio is really  committed to reading instruction and is highly invested in her students and their  success." -MB
  "My 4 year old just loves it. She can't wait to go to class and learn. It amazing to see how well she sits and listens.   Thank you for making it fun for her!" -B.P
"Wison program is an absolute great and wonderful program that has helped my daughter with her reading concerns.  If it wasn't for  Mrs. DeBassio, I am not sure where my daughter would be right now without her help and  being there for my daughter and  her reading concerns... This program has been the best thing for her...."- T.C

"We are so impressed with Nicole and The Purple Cow Reads. Our 6 year old kindergartener is an emerging reader who is trying her very best to catch up to her 3rd grade sister's chapter books. The Purple Cow reads has given her the skills and confidence to successfully read longer words in full sentences. We just purchased her first chapter books and she couldn't be more excited and empowered. Nicole's positive and nurturing approach to teaching small groups of kids has boosted our daughters interest and self esteem. We are so impressed! Thank you Nicole and The Purple Cow!!!" - A.H.
  "My concerns about my son's needs have finally been met....this has been an amazing experience. ...my son's self  esteem has risen to a new level....and his frustrations have decreased ten fold.....this is by far the most positive  experience I have had with childhood education. .......The love and excitement that is  exhibited for the growth of the  child is amazing... "- M.P.