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My 4 year old just loves it. She can't wait to go to class and learn. It amazing to see how well she sits and listens. Thank you for making it fun for her! - B.P.



If you have concerns about your emerging reader's achievement, now is the time for intervention. Please do not wait until the gap gets larger! The Purple Cow Reads  offers confidential 1:1 Private Wilson Reading System sessions. This offering is appropriate for students in Grade 2 and beyond who are underachieving in their reading skills and may be in need of intervention.  In some instances, The Purple Cow Reads  can work with Grade 1 students and under who have been WADE Tested and have qualified for intervention.
Intensive 1:1 Private Wilson Lessons are offered. Utilizing The Wilson Reading System® and its unique tapping process, your child will participate in a systematic and assessment-based reading program. Each lesson is highly structured with a personalized step-by-step Wilson Lesson Plan Instruction. 

To ensure appropriate level of text and vocabulary the program is split into two levels: older adults and young children. The one hour, ten step Wilson Lesson Plan will address decoding, encoding, oral reading fluency, and comprehension.  The student's personalized Wilson Binder contains information to teach the key concepts and will be organized by tabs for easy reference.  The binder also will store their progress charting, and assessment testing. The student's instruction will be multisensory and interactive.  Parents are welcome to sit in on the session and be active participants in the process while praising their child's growth.

Location: Library or Home Visits

Session duration is a full 60 minutes.                                                                          Session Fee: $85/hr.




Designed for 4- and 5-year old children, (Pre-K & Kindergarten) this program is perfect for your emerging reader! Before reading, your child must gain a solid grasp of phonics: letters and sounds.  These are the FUNdations prior to reading.
Give your child an early literacy boost.  Understanding letters and sounds will give your child the literacy boost necessary for reading success.  Too often, students who need 1:1 Wilson System® intervention did not receive the proper letter and sound mastery.
Your child will master the basic principles of ABC phonics and correct letter writing.  This is designed for 4- and 5-year old children to prepare them for the transition to Kindergarten. This program is perfect if your child is showing an interest in letters and sounds and is based on the Wilson Reading System®.
Each child will have a binder that will include their Wilson Reading System phonics materials: ABC formation, identification, and other fundamentals of writing.
Parents are asked to commit to a minimum of 6 lessons for a half hour each.  

Location: Home Visits

Session duration is 30 minutes.                                                                              Lesson Fee: $45/ 1/2 hr.




W.A.D.E. Wilson Assessment of Decoding & Encoding

The Wilson Reading System® Assessment of Decoding and Encoding is administered before beginning lessons. This formal and confidential reading assessment provides an objective benchmark of achievement and is essential to determine each student's specific needs. The W.A.D.E. Reading Assessment can be re-administered every 6-10 months to analyze growth.

After scoring the report, parents are asked to meet privately to discuss the results and invited to ask any questions.  All information is held strictly confidential.  Session frequency is based on recommendations from your child's WADE scores and range from one to three sessions per week.  Parents are welcomed to choose how many sessions they would like to commit to.

Location: The Library or Home Visit
Days: Monday-Friday & Saturdays

Assessment duration is 60 minutes of 1:1 testing                                                   Assessment Fee: $120